Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flip Off Art

Maybe this is one of those you have to work in healthcare to understand type of things...  The hospital where I have clinicals saves the Flip-Off tops from injectable medications.  Someone makes them into flowers and the staff wears them on their badges.  A neat idea that I ran with, of course!

Above is a picture of various flip off tops.  The colors are not the greatest, but you work with what you have.

I punched a pumpkin face out and then punched a circle over it and glued it to the flip top.  I hot-glue gunned a brad to the back and added it to my badge.

For Thanksgiving I made a turkey!  The flip off top is under there! No matter how I took this picture it came out fuzzy, sorry.

As a thank you and holiday card I will have my classmates sign this card and leave it at our clinical site on the last day.  Again I used the flip off tops from injectable medication vials.  Way to recycle! - Heidi

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