Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mortal Kombat Women

As you know I have been making refrigerator magnets lately.  This is a set for a co-worker that loves Mortal Kombat.  Each magnet is about 5 X 7 with Sindel being a little larger because I had to include her foot. Without further ado, here they are.

Sindel was tough because she didn't have a foot in the original picture.  I had to paint her a foot - which I don't think looks half bad.  I also had to extend her magnetic background which left a nasty seam that drove me insane.  Enter in Tim Holtz Crackle Distress paint.  Gives her an almost rising up from the ashes look.  All ladies are fussy cut out and put up on Stampin' Dimensionals.

All ladies and their backgrounds have been painted over or added to by myself with acrylic paint.

Jade didn't print out as detailed as the other gals did so I had to repaint just about all of her.  I am worried that my co-worker will not like her.  I'll find out tonight if it's okay with him or not.  I know that as a crafter we see all the mistakes and the people that appreciate our work don't see all the flaws.  Here's hoping! - Heidi

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