Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bunnies and invites - huh?

This first card is kind of a joke for my friend Karen. The Holiday Lounge paper from Stampin' Up is her favorite paper and she hates that Christmas is over and the paper will sit idle. I decided to make a card for every holiday with the Holiday Lounge paper for her. I skipped Valentine's Day and made an Easter card. I will do a Valentine's Day card later. Karen laughed when she saw the card because, of course, I couldn't wait to show her!

My son, Xavier, is going to be six on January 27th. He wanted a bowling party this year (thank goodness as Chuck E. Cheese was getting old!). These are the invites I made for his party. There was a red, orange, green and blue version. The stamp set is an oldie, but well loved set from Stampin' Up called Have A Ball. I used All-Purpose ink from Tsukineko in the color black and dabbed it on the stamp with a dauber. This worked well for the necks of the bowling pins as I just dabbed the edges of the stripes and stamped the pin. Then I went back to the image before I cut it out and colored the stripes in with a red marker.

The bowling ball image came out swirly because I dabbed the ink on the stamp so I decided to stamp the ball onto colored paper to look like a swirly-colored bowling ball. Xavier loved the invitations and I let him lay the ball and pins out before I glued them down.

The All-Purpose Ink is available from Stampin' Up even though it was in the Holiday mini catalog. I love API - it is quick drying and a tiny drop will stamp for a LONG time!

Have a great weekend & Martin Luther King day! - Heidi

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