Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aviary Shadow Box

What is a gal to do when she is burned out on school and ready to be done with the semester? Why visit Archiver's, of course! I found this lovely paper from the Conservatory collection called Aviary. It was so neato that I had to buy two sheets of it. When I got home I realized what I wanted to do with it. I made a shadow box with the paper. I cut two layers (the bird body and the wings) and Stampin' Dimensionaled them onto the first sheet. But Heidi, you say, I thought you only bought two sheets?! That's right I had to make another trip to Archiver's to get another sheet so I could finish my shadow box.

Cutting all those layers out just wasn't time consuming enough for me apparently because my box was still missing something. Of course, it needs a nest with eggs in it! A trip to Michael's took care of that. The nest was too big to fit in the shadow box so I had to cut it in half. It is tucked into the bottom left hand corner of the box. - Heidi

A closer up picture is below for you to see better details. TFL!

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