Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some older stuff to finally put up!

First up is an attempt at a Christmas card! The jumping reindeer was a coaster from Hobby Lobby. The colors don't quite match any SU colors. I might have to use them as coasters because I wasn't crazy about this card! Wait a minute, what about ornaments? Hmmmm..

My attempt at an evil owl -ouch. This failed miserably - let's move on shall we?

Below is the invite Xavier got for his friend's 8th birthday party. Above is the card I made for him to give back to his friend for his birthday. Double embossed the back with the spider web folder. It looked awesome & watch out because here comes the Spider-Man!

We have Dish Network. This was a channel schedule from Dish Network that I cleverly turned into a birthday card. Phineas and Ferb are actually kind of funny. Enjoy the mish mosh and have a great night. - Heidi

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